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Our two local chapters, NPM in Kansas City/St. Joseph, Missouri, and NPM in Kansas City, Kansas collaborate to bring a variety of educational, social, and spiritual opportunities for church musicians, church pastoral leaders, and church music lovers to our region.  Check out the "News and Upcoming Events" page to stay informed.

Chapter Board, KC, KS

Chair/Communications/Membership - Vicky Neely, vneely@kcnativity.org

Secretary/Treasurer - Diane Schell, dianes@everestkc.net

Newsletter - Barbara Leyden, barbarastahlleyden@gmail.com

Prayer/Hospitality - Theresa Vitt, theresa.vitt@sbcglobal.net

Membership - Maureen Henderson, maureen.henderson50@gmail.com

Ex-Officio - Michael Podrebarac, liturgy@archkck.org

Chapter Board, KC/SJ, MO

Chair/Communications/Website:  Ron Sondag, sondagron@gmail.com

Regional Representative - Danny Baker, danny@stjames-liberty.org

Secretary/Treasurer - James Wagner, jwagner@stpeterskc.org

Events:  Matthew Baumler, matthew@gsccmo.org

Prayer/Hospitality - Susie Adams, sadams@stekc.org

Membership - Sean Holland, holland.sean@outlook.com

At-Large - Alejandro Manso, alejandro@church.visitation.org

At-Large - John Winkels, john@holyfamily.com

Ex-Officio - Dr. Mario Pearson, mpearson@kcgolddome.org

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